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Incorporating ink

Incorporating ink

Chandler Cooper, Content Editor

January 5, 2018

    Freshman Aril Offutt’s high school teacher confessed to negatively judging her based on her tattoos, but after Offutt scored the highest grade in the class, he admitted that his perception of people with tattoos was inaccurate. “I’m showing them that they’re wrong,...

Working with tattoos

IUS Horizon

April 1, 2013

Body art accepted by some, tolerated by others; questionable for professional jobs In the last issue of The Horizon, the modern popularity of tattoos was evidenced in the article “Artistic Expression of Body.” Students and faculty alike were featured showing off their tattoos, and it is safe to ...

Thinking thwarts tasteless, trivial tattoos

IUS Horizon

April 8, 2012

Tattoos can be an awesome way of showing the world who a person is and expressing oneself in a permanent way. However, thought and time are required in getting one. Tattoos are good to have because a person only lives once and only has one body, so why not make it his own? Tattoos can mean things...