SGA unveils four objectives for school year

Secoy Richey, Staff

Student Government Association president Stephon Moore, held the annual State of the Student Body Address Thurs., Oct. 9th, in the Hoosier Room. With crowd support from Campus Life and several students, Moore pointed out...  Read More »

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Tips from a librarian

Haley Warwick, Staff

“Our library is bigger than that building on campus,” Jeremy Wells, assistant professor of English said. Wells said students at IU Southeast may not realize they have access to a vast array of information at the IUS...  Read More »

October 13, 2014 • 0 comments

Man behind the mask

Man behind the mask

TAYLOR FERGUSON, General Assignments Editor

Mind of a puppy dog, body of a killer. That’s Spot, a big goofy zombie leftover from the Nazi regime. That was a major failure on their part. Spot stomps around, but he doesn’t...  Read More »

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“I want to work somewhere doing good work and making a difference,” SGA president Stephon Moore said.

IUS Student Government Association president Stephon Moore


The Kill Clinic


Student attracts national attention from self-published book

Shelby Lucas – Knocking it Out of the Park

Shelby Lucas – Knocking it Out of the Park

Emily Kunkel, marketing freshman, is the new Miss Collegiate South. She will be competing for the Miss Indiana title June 15-21, in Zionsville, Ind. As part of her duties, Kunkel has joined with Suitcases for Sweethearts to help bring much needed supplies to foster children. “I grew up with volunteerism in my life, since I was little,” Kunkel said. “My parents have always encouraged it. They told me I had to give back to my community.”

A sweetheart deal: Freshman packs her suitcase for Miss Indiana pageant