Students share tips on scoring internships

IUS Horizon

Career Services sponsored an internship presentation in The Commons on Nov. 9.

Six women were part of the panel and shared their experiences with their internships. Some of them went through the Career Services’ internship program to find an internship, and others used the Internet or found internships through their own networking.

Sarah Brown, business senior, had an internship at LG&E in which she was paid and received class credit for it.

“I was primarily responsible for recruiting and networking and had hands-on experience with clients,” Brown said. “I don’t think if I had the [internship] experience I would be getting any phone calls or interviews.”

The Career Development Center helps students with finding internships and jobs, and provides mock interviews, résumé building and a career plan.

Trey Luis, director of the Career Development Center, helps students acquire internships and job interviews.

“We are proactive with partnering with students so they can find the internship that connects with their major,” Luis said. “I advise students to be selective, even in a tighter market, with what they want and to help students clearly define the direction they want to go in.”

To find an internship through the Career Development Center, students must first create an account and upload their résumé to to be critiqued.

The Career Development Center’s website has a job search engine specific for IU Southeast, and students can search through internships they may want to pursue.

After finding an internship, students can go to a mock interview with the professionals in the center to prepare themselves for their real interview.

“Our overall goal is to help students gain experience before they graduate and are in the job market,” Luis said.