Rally to Restore Sanity: Summary

IUS Horizon

More than 100,000 attendees at The Rally to Restore Sanity

Well, the Rally to Restore Sanity has wrapped up and three of my fellow editors and myself survived the colossal event.
Though official attendance numbers aren’t available yet, there’s no doubt the crowd surpassed the 100,000 estimate.
After climbing out of the metro the four of us began to walk toward the National Mall. Before I knew it the my group had grown into thousands and we covered the street. We were united, we were peaceful and we’d come to represent The Horizon.

Look out for my column for the whole story of the rally.

BY Matthew Chinn

Website Editor

Here are some of the pictures of the event.

Matt Chinn, website editor, Jessica Meyer, sports editor, Joseph Dever, senior editor, and Leah Tate, profiles editor.
Attendees en route to the national lawn.
Joseph Dever, senior editor, was disappointed as well.