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Virtual becomes reality for Southern Indiana

Virtual becomes reality for Southern Indiana

Joshua Roy, staff reporter

January 3, 2019

Virtual becomes reality for Southern Indiana as Dimension 4 VR Arcade offers a premier virtual reality experience to the local area. With eleven virtual reality stations, rooms are rented out by the hour with a wide variety of games.

A hero reborn

A hero reborn

Joshua Roy, Staff reporter

September 17, 2018

Spider-Man for the PS4, developed by Insomniac games, is the developer’s first attempt at a superhero game. The result is a well-paced, beautiful game with solid mechanics and only a few minor problems. One unique quality of Spider-Man is the way he swings around Manhattan effortlessly with his...

The World of Esports

Tyler Clerkin, Staff Writer

February 15, 2017

With the evolution of technology over the years, video games have evolved more than ever. When video games were first created back in 1958, there were never any major competitions going on for large sums of money. Fast forward to 59 years later and now there are major gaming tournaments going on for...

Student builds and launches testing of “Barony” game at IU Southeast

Student builds and launches testing of

Rain Hopkins, Staff

November 17, 2014

Armor, jewels, and monsters lurking in coal mines-- this is the world computer science junior Sheridan Rathbun envisioned and brought to life in a game called “Barony”. Rathbun said Barony is a role-playing video game on the computer based in a town called Hamlet. Once a utopia, Rathbun said th...

Gaming website offers entertainment for a good cause

Hannah Ash

July 19, 2013

    They practice for hours–memorizing paths and working to avoid unnecessary obstacles to improve their times. It is not always an easy race to the finish, but these video game athletes are determined. The website Speed Demos Archive is hosting a charity gaming marathon to showcase these...

Gamer Society spawns noobs

IUS Horizon

January 29, 2012

The Gamer Society, a student organization at IU Southeast, is a group of students or individuals who share similar interests in gaming. The Gamer Society began in fall 2011 with a total of six members. However, their current membership has increased to 35. Megan Schultz, president of the Gamer Society, sai...