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Grace College defeats IUS

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December 4, 2011

The IUS women’s basketball team lost, 73-62, against Grace College in their first home game of the season in the Activities Building on Nov. 19. The Grenadiers struggled to keep up throughout the game as Grace College started off strong. Robin Farris, IUS women’s basketball head coach, said...

Grenadiers claim victory over Purdue North Central

IUS Horizon

November 28, 2011

The IUS men’s basketball team won their finale in the IU-PU Challenge against Purdue North Central with a score of 88-60 on Nov. 12 in the Activities Building. This is the third year in a row IU Southeast has won the challenge by winning all four games. “Whenever we get a win, it’s good,” Wile...

Spooky students party

IUS Horizon

October 30, 2011

Monsters, fairies, super heroes and bumblebees gather in the Hoosier Room to dance the night away at the fourth annual Halloween Bash sponsored by Residence Life and Housing. The bash was put on by community advisers from the residence halls and Jen Crompton, assistant director of Residence Life. The Hall...

Chef cooks creative cuisine

IUS Horizon

October 23, 2011

James Carter, executive chef for the Food Court, has worked his way into the food business after hard economic times hit the country. Before becoming a chef, Carter worked as a welder for ship yards across the country. He said he traveled quite a bit but wanted to return home to find a more stable job. Carter acquired the job at IU Southeast after he tried to switch...

Students streak nearly stark-naked

IUS Horizon

October 16, 2011

Students arrived at McCullough Plaza wearing nearly nothing for the second annual Nearly Naked Mile on Oct. 6. The Student Alumni Association hosted the Nearly Naked Mile to help raise awareness about the SAA and recruit new members. Due to rain, it was rescheduled from Sept. 29 to Oct. 6 due to rain. Josh Kornberg, communications senior and SAA president, said the SAA wanted to have...

Ventriloquist performs with puppet friends on campus

IUS Horizon

October 10, 2011

Ryan and Friends brought comedy and ventriloquism to IU Southeast for a family-focused weekend on Oct. 1. Ryan Bomgardner, comedian and ventriloquist, along with his puppet friends, entertained a small audience in the Activities Building with his show, Ryan and Friends. The event was hosted by Kim Pell...

Herptiles come crawling to IUS

IUS Horizon

October 2, 2011

Lizards, snakes, frogs and turtles made their way to IU Southeast for the “Herps Alive!” event on Sept. 25 in the Hoosier Room. Herps Alive is a program that focuses on educating children and adults alike about herptiles. The 17th annual event was organized by Kim Pelle, coordinator for the Adult Student Center. Herps Alive allows ch...

Local business delivers homemade pizza

IUS Horizon

September 26, 2011

Local business FX Pizza may be new to the Floyds Knobs, Ind., but it is already gaining support among residents. FX Pizza opened on Aug. 1, and it has become popular among local residents. Support from Floyd Central High School organizations, as well as other media coverage, has helped this business tak...

Kentucky native brings opera to Ogle

IUS Horizon

September 18, 2011

Aaron Lundy, IUS vocal instructor, and guest artists performed in Stem Hall at the Ogle Center on Sept. 11 Lundy’s voice rang out across the concert hall as Deborah Dierks played piano alongside him. Also accompanying Lundy and performing a solo were guest artists, including Clark Evans, Kentucky, Renee Saindon, Missouri, and Maggie Pennsylvania. Evans sang ba...

Groups dance for big cash

IUS Horizon

September 11, 2011

To mark the end of Week of Welcome, many student organizations had the opportunity to compete for a $300 prize during the Campus Boogie — an annual IUS dance competition. The Campus Boogie was sponsored by the Student Government Association and the award money went toward the organization’s funds. The winning organization also received the Campus Boogie plaque, as well as b...