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Omelet cook gets batty in different states during summer

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December 2, 2012

  To a lot of IUS students, Brian Dennis, biology sophomore, said he is known as "the guy who cooks the omelets." Dennis has been working the morning shift in the Food Court all semester, but this is merely a break from his other “batty” job. During summer breaks, Dennis trades his...

Chef adds zest to Food Court

IUS Horizon

November 5, 2012

IU Southeast hired a new chef at the beginning of the year, Aaron Wilder, sous chef for Dining and Conference Services. Wilder graduated from the School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in business management at IU Southeast in 2006. “I learned more from being on the job than in [culinary] sc...

Food Court aspires for catchy name

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March 18, 2012

IU Southeast collected submissions for a new name for the Food Court. Students, faculty and staff were eligible to submit entries until March 9. All of the submissions were submitted via e-mail in order for Dining Services to have the date and time postmarked.  More than 60 names wore submitted. Julie Ingram, director of...

Shame on unsanitary conditions of Food Court

IUS Horizon

November 28, 2011

I recently had a troubling experience in the Food Court at IU Southeast. A few weeks ago, I ventured in on my lunch break to get a bite to eat. I weighed my options and decided on a hamburger. As I was watching the young man prepare my hamburger, I could not help but notice how he used the same ...

Chef cooks creative cuisine

IUS Horizon

October 23, 2011

James Carter, executive chef for the Food Court, has worked his way into the food business after hard economic times hit the country. Before becoming a chef, Carter worked as a welder for ship yards across the country. He said he traveled quite a bit but wanted to return home to find a more stable job. Carter acquired the job at IU Southeast after he tried to switch...

Summer renovations revamp Food Court

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August 28, 2011

During the summer break, renovations to the Food Court took place to open up space and improve customer flow. Although renovations to the Food Court occurred in 2007, lack of funding for sufficient expansion and increased enrollment caused long lines during the lunch hour. Dana Wavle, vice chancellor of Administrative Affairs, said ...

Food Court renovations postponed until next summer

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August 22, 2010

During the summer break, renovations to the Food Court were supposed to begin. However, because of a delay, those plans have been moved to summer 2011. Dana Wavle, vice chancellor for Administrative Affairs and Finances, said the delay was due to checking the accuracy of the design plans. Although the...