Associate interim awaits new position approval

IUS Horizon

Annette Wyandotte, interim vice chancellor of Academic Affairs, has accepted the position of associate vice chancellor of Academic Affairs. The approval will be made by the IU Board of Trustees.

Because the decision has not been confirmed yet, Wyandotte said she did not want to be interviewed.

However, Gilbert Atnip, vice chancellor of Academic Affairs, said Wyandotte has reached all the requirements for this job.

“We interviewed three people, and the committee believed that she is by far the strongest candidate,” Atnip said.

Wyandotte’s job will include several responsibilities, including supervising the Institution for Learning and Teaching Excellence.

This helps faculty with teaching related programs and technology support. It also provides workshops and one-on-one consultants with faculty.

Atnip said Wyandotte’s biggest responsibility will be overseeing the new advising program. The Academic Success Center will be hiring five new advisers this semester in order to focus on undecided students.

“Our goal is to give these students some extra attention so they can focus on not only academic objectives but also career objectives,” Atnip said.

The IU Southeast age policy, which is the mandatory retirement of administrators at a certain age, will not be considered.

Atnip said this position is not covered by the university policy. The age policy only covers certain administrative positions, such as the dean of chancellors and vice chancellor.

Debbie Victzke, office services assistant for the Academic Success Center, said she did not have the opportunity to attend Wyandotte’s open session.

“Though I did not attend the open session, I have no objections because I don’t know her, but, if the group voted her in, I am happy for her,” Victzke said.

Kim Wells, records specialist for the Academic Success Center, attended the open session and said the hiring of Wyandotte is a part of the academic advising restructure.

“The goal is to uniform the advising experience for each student on campus,” Wells said. “Therefore, it is a good idea to put someone like Wyandotte in this position.”