Gamer Society spawns noobs

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Wii Console.

The Gamer Society, a student organization at IU Southeast, is a group of students or individuals who share similar interests in gaming.

The Gamer Society began in fall 2011 with a total of six members. However, their current membership has increased to 35.

Megan Schultz, president of the Gamer Society, said she is looking forward to gaining more interested gamers.

Although the Gamer Society may be commonly associated with the Game Room, the group focuses more on card games such as lunch money, BS, Uno and trading cards.

Xbox Controller

Members also play video games, board games, strategy games and console games such as Xbox and Wii.

“I am very excited about the Gamer Society,” Seuth Chaleunphonh, dean of students and director of Campus Life, said. “It isn’t a new organization. The organization has been in existence, but they had very few members. Now their numbers of interest has gotten higher.”

The Gamer Society holds its meetings every other Wednesday in the University Center conference rooms.

During the meetings, they discuss future events, gaming and funding for the organization and volunteer points.

This semester, the Gamer Society has a lot of new recruitment ideas they are going to try.

The Gamer Society’s means of promotion includes Facebook, word of mouth and flyers, which are being submitted to the campus calendar.

Members are also able to host their own gaming parties.

Members who are interested can contact Schultz and arrange a day and time when a room is available.

Snacks are usually provided.

During spring 2012, the Gamer Society will have three booths set up each month for those interested in joining.

The Gamer Society also has members called recruitment officers. The recruitment officers spread the organization’s name and try to find those who might be interested in gaming.

“We might see someone with a Zelda T-shirt on and see that they are interested in gaming,” Schultz said.

The process of creating the Gamer Society was not a difficult task.

The primary process is gaining members to make the organization official. Students can also participate in independent gaming.

However, the Gamer Society is having difficulty finding a definite place to get together to play due to the Game Room not having computers.

Many organizations at IU Southeast have office spaces with their own private rooms located in the Student Involvement Center. However, the Gamer Society has not reached that point.

Schultz said the Gamer Society would like to apply for a room after this semester once they reach the requirements to do so.

The Gamer Society also participates in a game called The League of Legends, which is a role-playing game.

The organization would also like to arrange a computer game session in the IUS Library for the extra space.