Shoots for success

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Wiley Brown, IUS men’s basketball head coach, is considered an experienced athlete by his team, co-workers and his track record of playing both national and international basketball and football.

“Coach Brown has led most of his players to success,” Joe Glover, athletic director, said. “He is a great fit for the program. He develops his players throughout their years here at IUS.”

Since Brown joined the Grenadiers, he has led them to winning the KIAC regular season and post-season tournament four years in a row.

The IUS men’s basketball team scored their highest rank in IUS history, advancing to the Elite 8 of the NAIA National Tournament.

Brown was raised by his grandmother, along with two sisters and brothers. He said he went to school with an ambition to finish and graduate from college. Later, Brown attended the University of Louisville, where he accomplished his dream by graduating with a college degree and winning a national championship in Louisville in 1980.

Brown said he enjoys hunting, fishing and strongly believes in education.

“No matter how many games you win or lose, the proudest moment for me is when you earn your college degree,” Brown said to his team. “Stay hungry and focused to get better every day.”

On the court and the field he was fast and active. As a coach and a co-worker he is known to be optimistic, fair and competitive.

“Wiley has taught me that hard work and respect is a must,” Darryl Bell, communications senior, said. “Coach taught me that you have to bring it every day. You can’t give it all you got one day and then half step the next.”

Bell said his most memorable moment with Brown was winning the conference championship last year.

“Cutting down the nets was a wonderful feeling,” Bell said, “and I was happy I got to share that with coach.”

Bell said he does not want the conference championship to be the most memorable memory he has with Brown.

Brad Zellner, IUS men’s basketball assistant coach, said he has a great relationship with Brown.

“I enjoy working with coach Brown,” Zellner said.