Chancellors flip for fall breakfast

IUS Horizon

John Young, owner of Chris Cakes Indiana, prepares pancakes with a specialized pancake maker.

Flip, flap and anything but a flop were only several activities happening during the second annual Chancellor’s Pancake Breakfast — an event where students and faculty were provided with an unlimited amount of soaring pancakes, sausage links and laughter.

Chancellor Sandra Patterson-Randles welcomed the IU Southeast community to join her for the free breakfast on the University Center breezeway as part of the Week of Welcome and the 70th anniversary celebration.

Students were greeted with the aroma of freshly prepared flapjacks and syrup. The food — catered by Chris Cakes Indiana — was one of the attractions that caught the attention of the spectators, including Seth Martin, geoscience senior.

“Right when I was walking up the line, I was thinking, ‘What started this on?’” Martin said. “I think I’ve gone here five years, and I haven’t ever actually participated in any events.”

Many attendees opted to catch their breakfast — literally — while John Young, owner of Chris Cakes, flung pancakes from a distance of more than six feet, often landing precisely on the awaiting receiver’s plate.

“That dude is the gangster of throwing pancakes,” Martin said. “He’s a baller.”

Chancellor Sandra Patterson-Randles dons a chef’s cap and serves students breakfast on Sept. 14 as part of the four-day Week of Welcome festivities. Other events included live bands and a birthday party for IU Southeast’s 70th anniversary.

Students witnessed Young targeting unsuspecting guests, including Greg Roberts, academic adviser. While attendees cheered for Young, Roberts shielded himself with his plate from the pelting pancakes.

“We had a little bit of entertainment and a little bit of fun flipping them around and goofing off,” Young said.

The breakfast allowed students to meet members of the IUS community and relieve back-to-school anxieties.

“I’m pretty introverted, but I think stuff like this can bring a lot of students together,” Martin said.

Olivia Newberry, education freshman, said her recent experience at IU Southeast was unrivaled to her involvement last year.

“I like these things,” Newberry said. “I used to be a student at U of L, and I didn’t really get involved on campus.”

The pancake breakfast served as an opportunity for students to meet administration outside of their regular duties and get students involved and better acquainted with the campus community.