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SGA faces election controversy

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March 13, 2010

Tempers flared during the Student Government Meeting on Thursday, March 11, leading to a withdrawal of both presidential and vice presidential candidates and the SGA treasurer quitting entirely. It all started when SGA senator Nick Garing, political science junior, introduced a bill during the meeting...

SGA tables bill

IUS Horizon

March 6, 2010

During the March 4 Student Government Association  meeting, a new senator was voted in and a judicial attendance requirement bill was again met with hostility. This time, the bill was tabled for later revisions. During a discussion of the bill, four SGA members called it redundant. Read More »...

SGA resists proposed bill

IUS Horizon

February 27, 2010

During the Student Government Association meeting on Feb. 25, SGA members greeted a new judicial minimum requirement bill with immediate resistance. SGA tech officer Ruben Dodge, computer science freshman, authored the judicial minimum requirement bill. The bill would require justices to miss no more...

SGA amendment voted down

IUS Horizon

February 20, 2010

During a brief meeting on Feb. 18, the Student Government Association voted-down an amendment to the groups’ constitution. They also prepared a trip to Kokomo, Ind., for the following morning of Feb. 19. Three SGA members headed to IU Kokomo the morning of Friday, Feb. 19, to attend the years first...

SGA overpays former senators

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February 13, 2010

Two former Student Government Association members formally apologized for working more than their salaries permitted, resulting in more than $300 being distributed between them. During the SGA meeting on Thursday, Feb. 11, former SGA senators Leslie Drury, psychology junior, and Elizabeth Jackson, international...

SGA hosts town hall meeting

IUS Horizon

February 13, 2010

Rows of empty chairs. That is how the Student Government Association’s town hall meeting started on Thursday, Feb. 11, in the Hoosier Room during the lunch hour. SGA associate justice Josh Sesar, mathematics and secondary education junior, went to the Food Court and rounded students up by promising...

SGA election preparations begin

IUS Horizon

March 7, 2009

The Student Government Association’s elections will be held the week of March 16. In an effort to get students to vote, the SGA will have pizza available in the hallway connecting University Center North and South on March 17 and March 19.  Read More »...

SGA spends to avoid budget cuts

IUS Horizon

March 6, 2009

The Student Government Association still has 78 percent of its budget left on its books, which if left unspent, could result in a cut in its funding for the next session. The Student Life Committee, which decides the budgets for student groups every year, has cut the SGA budget before because of money...

SGA allots food money for HHE

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February 20, 2009

The Student Government Association passed a bill that would pay up to $8 per person for students going on the Hoosiers for Higher Education trip on Feb. 17. This is the 18th annual HHE trip.  Students will have an opportunity to mingle with public officials and lobby for educational issues. The event...

SGA discusses budget, HHE trip

IUS Horizon

February 13, 2009

The Student Government Association passed a resolution that would change how their budget is determined. Rather than coming up with a budget every year, the resolution proposed requests a percentage of the Student Activity Fee from the Student Life Committee. The committee determines how much student...

SGA swears in new officers

IUS Horizon

January 27, 2009

The theme for the Student Government Association’s meeting on Jan. 22 was “new.” The SGA has a new vice president, Josh Sesar, former chair; a new chair, Amanda Denbo, former pro tempore, and five new senators, Kyle Chiang, biology sophomore; Beverly Raley, international studies sophomore; Melissa ...

SGA police blotter resolution voted down

IUS Horizon

November 15, 2008

A resolution to define the Student Government Association’s stance on The Horizon’s publication of the police blotter was voted down on Nov. 13. James Bonsall, treasurer, said he thought SGA should stay out of matters regarding what The Horizon prints. Read More »...