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Horizon guide: Starting a student organization

Horizon guide: Starting a student organization

Hannah Foreman, Staff Reporter

November 27, 2015

As a new student on campus or one that has been at IU Southeast for a while, one may find themselves wondering how to get involved and meet new people. According to the IUS website, there are multiple options, including Greek life, the Student Government Association and many academic, athletic, or special groups that ...

Program broadens student involvement

IUS Horizon

September 16, 2012

IU Southeast started a new program to help students obtain jobs and track involvement for the future. The program, called My Involvement was designed by Indiana University and came about from a partnership with IU Southeast, Bloomington and IUPUI. Located on One­Start, My Involvement is designed...

SAF plummets for new school year

IUS Horizon

August 26, 2012

For the first time since 2004, the Student Activity Fee took a significant drop, with 11 percent of the budget being cut from the total amount. The SAF is a fee all students must pay and is determined per credit hour for up to 12 credit hours. This year, the budget for the SAF totaled $742,852 compar...

Incoming students prepare for new semester

IUS Horizon

August 23, 2012

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