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Thanks, but then again, no thanks

IUS Horizon

November 10, 2009

The vast majority of students, faculty and administrators at IU Southeast are motivated and enthusiastic about what they do. The negative exceptions discussed below stand in stark contrast. STUDENTS I’m sick and tired of students who don’t have the courage to graduate from college. I’m not t...

Choose the right door

IUS Horizon

October 26, 2009

In my life I’ve witnessed the arrival of microwave ovens, VCRs, CDs and DVDs, cell phones and the Internet. So who would have thought that, in this era of such advanced technology, I would find myself writing about something as mundane and low-tech as walking through a door. This year on campus, ...

What you expect

IUS Horizon

October 12, 2009

An expectation is the outcome one hopes for in a given situation. A lot has been said about unrealistic expectations and the pitfalls of having them, and I agree we should spend time examining our expectations to ensure they are in the realm of the possible. However, I do not believe that unrealistic...

A water story

IUS Horizon

September 21, 2009

I only drink steam distilled water. I buy it by the gallon and at home I pour it into a pitcher fitted with a charcoal filter, further purifying it. I like my water at room temperature so this pitcher lives on my kitchen counter. I pour this water into bottles and take it with me wherever I go—to...

Student activity fee distributed

IUS Horizon

August 26, 2009

Along with tuition, parking and technology fees, all IUS students pay a Student Activity Fee. The fee is calculated at $5 per credit hour, up to 12 hours, so the maximum any student pays per semester is about $60. The SAF helps support funding for co-curricular, that is, out of classroom, activities....

New parking permits

IUS Horizon

August 26, 2009

Southeast has implemented a new parking permit program this year. Beginning with the fall semester, all students parking on campus must display the new parking permit on their car’s windshield. The new parking permit is a window cling decal with a barcode instead of the former hanging tag displayed...

Heart walk

IUS Horizon

April 11, 2009

A group of more than 50 people, comprised of Alpha Phi members and alumni, IUS students, parents, siblings and members of the community, gathered in McCullough Plaza to participate in the Alpha Phi-sponsored, three-mile Heart Walk on Saturday, April 4. “The purpose of this walk is to raise awareness of...

Mailboxes provide security

IUS Horizon

February 21, 2009

New, locked mailboxes were installed in Crestview Hall in time for the spring semester. These replaced the former, cubby-style mailboxes. Brigette Adams, faculty secretary of the School of Social Sciences, said the mailboxes were installed the week before the spring semester started. Read More »...

Ice Storm 2009

IUS Horizon

February 4, 2009


Couple gets help from community, friends

IUS Horizon

November 22, 2008

Tina Leas is an English senior preparing to graduate in 2009. She and her husband of 12 years, Gregg Leas, have five children between them. Tina is a full time student at IU Southeast and for several years has worked seasonally as a campground attendant at Clifty Falls State Park. During the off-s...

Honors literature at higher level

IUS Horizon

November 8, 2008

The college experience is different for everyone, but there are three things every student can count on in every class. There’s the curriculum, there’s the classroom and there’s the instructor. One class offered at IU Southeast this semester has these three things, but with a difference. Read More »...

Speaking for the trees

IUS Horizon

October 25, 2008

On Saturday, Oct. 18, children and their caregivers gathered on the second floor of the IUS Library to participate in a community outreach program titled, “Who Speaks for the Trees?” Barbara Thompson-Book, associate professor of education, said this is an annual event with a different theme each year,...