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Editor implores courtesy from drivers

IUS Horizon

September 18, 2011

With the recent closure of the Sherman Minton Bridge, a typical drive to work and school has become a strategic, daily challenge for me and many other residents of Southern Indiana and Louisville. I work in downtown Jeffersonville and have always marveled at the beautiful riverside location of my ...

IUS celebrates 70 years of progress

IUS Horizon

August 28, 2011

As the fall semester begins and students return to campus for classes, the celebration of IU Southeast’s 70th anniversary will be commencing. Before IU Southeast covered 180 acres in New Albany and more than 7,000 students were enrolled, IU Southeast was a small, commuter campus located in downtown Jeffersonville. The original campus was created in...

Dresses add up for math lecturers

IUS Horizon

March 18, 2011

On most days in the Physical Sciences Building, professors may be heard instructing their students. However, on one Friday of each month, the sound of rumbling sewing machines can be heard from the building’s basement. Janet Arnold, lecturer of mathematics, Rose Riehm, lecturer of mathematics, and Margaret Ehringer, senior lecturer of mathem...

Disney, ‘Twilight’ give unrealistic view

IUS Horizon

March 8, 2011

Before 7-year-olds had cell phones, Facebook accounts and Netflix, they spent their days watching imaginative Disney movies in hard, plastic cases. Each Christmas when I was a child, I eagerly opened my gifts in hopes of finding the infamous Disney logo scrawled across the top of the newly-relea...

Catwoman prowls Ogle Center

IUS Horizon

March 8, 2011

As the final weekend of the IUS Theatre Department’s production of “Equus” began, the audience had a famous viewer from the theater industry. Lee Meriwether, 77, well-known actress and former Miss America, made an appearance at IU Southeast to watch the performance. Meriwether has portrayed various roles since...

Student mayoral candidate drops out

IUS Horizon

February 22, 2011

Matt Owen, political science sophomore and candidate for Jeffersonville mayor, withdrew his name from the mayoral election a few minutes before noon on Friday, Feb. 18. The deadline for filing candidacy was at noon. Owen was one of the two Republican candidates in the race. Instead, Owen has decided to run for a seat on the Cit...

Surviving Valentine’s Day solo

IUS Horizon

February 15, 2011

While pink and red hearts decorate store windows and excited couples make romantic plans for Valentine’s Day, I am thinking about my upcoming psychology test. Valentine’s Day has always been a day of celebrating love and companionship for me, but this year, I am planning to survive the commercial...

From café to campaign trail: IUS student runs for mayor

IUS Horizon

January 31, 2011

On any other day at the Adrienne & Co. Bakery and Café, Matt Owen, political science sophomore, could be seen working the cash register or baking his favorite raspberry cheesecake. On Friday, Jan. 28, Owen was front and center at the bakery, where he promoted his campaign kick-off for mayor of Jeffersonville...

Generic resoultions fail to succeed

IUS Horizon

January 25, 2011

Almost one month has flown by since the new year began, and with the start of a new year came fresh hopes for improvement. These hopes are often shaped into a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, as the appeal of a new year begins to fizzle out, so does the drive to make these resolutions a reality....

GOP takes control of House, Democrats retain Senate

IUS Horizon

November 7, 2010

Polls across America were filled with citizens casting their votes for various candidates in the 2010 election. Sarah Kincaid, business junior, was among those citizens. Kincaid and her family experienced confusion on their voting registry because they have moved three times in the last four years...

Speaker cautions students against online exposure

IUS Horizon

November 4, 2010

C.L. Lindsay, attorney, author and speaker, visited IU Southeast to discuss campus computing and potential legal problems students face. Lindsay is the founder and executive director of CO-STAR, the Coalition for Student and Academic Rights. CO-STAR is a national, non-profit student rights organization...

Ultra Violet event supports sorority with chili, activities

IUS Horizon

October 25, 2010

Sigma Kappa, a sorority at IU Southeast, held their first Ultra Violet event where they had a chili cook-off, silent auction and various festivities. Sigma Kappa decided to hold the cook-off to raise awareness and funds for their foundation. The ticket proceeds went toward Sigma Kappa’s philanthropies. “We picked a chili coo...