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Pointless problems distract from real issues

IUS Horizon

August 28, 2011

During my summer vacation, while I tried to relax and recuperate, I could not ignore the immense political challenges facing our country. Debates over budget deficit, tax breaks and raising the debt ceiling have ensued during the last few months. To make matters worse, the United States’ credit has bee...

Living in future causes forgetfulness of present

IUS Horizon

March 8, 2011

Base-pounding music, a bag of pretzels and one shot of tequila — this defines my 21st birthday in a nutshell. I waited 21 years for this day. During my last underage year, I marked down each passing month as a milestone. What do I recall the most? Devoting most of the night passed out on my boyfri...

eBooks fail to live up to paperback, ruins reading

IUS Horizon

February 8, 2011

I am a book worm. Ever since I was young, my favorite thing to do wasn’t playing with Barbies or dressing up as a princess. Instead, I loved to read. I remember every summer going to the library and feeling excitement from filling out the summer reading list. I’d go through two books a day. As...

Christmas causes excess, greediness

IUS Horizon

November 15, 2010

Every year, when the temperatures drop and before the last of the leaves even fall away, the holiday fever emerges. Already, I know of one person whose Christmas shopping is complete, while another has put finishing touches on the tree. We haven’t even hit Thanksgiving, yet Christmas is quickly ...

Amusement parks aren’t so amusing

IUS Horizon

October 19, 2010

The further I move into the semester, the more I wish it were summer break again. After the excitement for a new school year has simmered down, I find myself reminiscing about what I could be doing, not what I should be doing. Sleeping in, vacations to the beach and lying out by the pool are all majo...

Medical disclaimer: May cause giggle fit

IUS Horizon

September 19, 2010

Advertisements are everywhere. Our entire life, we are consumed by commercials, billboards and ads. Even movies showcase products that affect our way of thinking. I would have to say the most interesting advertisements I’ve witnessed are medical commercials. They always include unrealistic scena...

Serve some respect to servers for efforts

IUS Horizon

September 5, 2010

As a student, money is hard to come by. We all have ways of making ends meet so we can afford our school books, pay our bills and somehow make it through the semester. Let’s face it — most of us have to have part-time jobs because financial aid can’t cover everything. I’ve worked in the rest...

Food Court renovations postponed until next summer

IUS Horizon

August 22, 2010

During the summer break, renovations to the Food Court were supposed to begin. However, because of a delay, those plans have been moved to summer 2011. Dana Wavle, vice chancellor for Administrative Affairs and Finances, said the delay was due to checking the accuracy of the design plans. Although the...

Students acquire teaching experience

IUS Horizon

August 22, 2010

On Saturday, June 5, the Summer in Ecuador Program celebrated its ninth anniversary as students left to teach English in a foreign country. The program is part of exploring diversity in education. Although some English  is taught, students also teach some regular content depending on the requests of the schools. Magdalena...

Students rally for ONE Campaign

IUS Horizon

April 17, 2010

On Wednesday, April 7, the ONE Campaign met in Crestview Hall to discuss the group’s initiative and try to make an organization on campus. The ONE Campaign is a group designed to end poverty, particularly in Africa. Matt Sheffield, philosophy graduate, said he hopes to begin the organization at IU ...

Students awarded for involvement

IUS Horizon

April 11, 2010

On Wednesday, March 31, IU Southeast held its annual Campus Commitment to Student Learning Awards ceremony, celebrating the achievements of student leaders, organizations and faculty. The event, entitled “A Cut Above The Rest,” included many awards such as Student Program Council Awards, Greek Awards and t...

Professors, students network together on Facebook

IUS Horizon

April 4, 2010

For many, Facebook is a tool to connect people with friends and family. However, it has also been utilized as networking for students and faculty members. At IU Southeast, professors and students can connect on Facebook in order to keep in touch. Kathy Meyer, orientation and leadership coordinator, said s...