Mentor Program creates connections on campus

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The Mentoring Program was created to provide any enrolled student at IU Southeast with a personal mentor for newly enrolled students.

Staff, faculty and alumni are paired with students in order to guide them from their freshmen years through graduation.

June Huggins, director of the Center for Mentoring, was unavailable for comment.

However, Lisa Shelfer, office services assistant for the Center for Mentoring, shared what she sees in the Mentoring Program.

“I think mentoring is very important, especially through college when students may encounter the pressures of balancing their studies, work, family and other activities,” Shelfer said.

Shelfer said having a mentor can provide guidance, encouragement and friendship.

She said she believes the Mentoring Program is a valuable resource available to IUS students.

Anthony Ewurum, biology freshman and mentee for the program, said every student should seek out a mentor.

“When it comes to the Mentoring Program, you have nothing to lose,” Ewurum, said. “I love being in the program, and it informs me on a lot of school activities and also my professors.”

Vic Waingeh, assistant professor of chemistry and mentor of Ewurum, said the Mentoring Program provides students with someone they can share concerns with and direct them as they pursue academic and career goals.

“As a mentor, I am expected to be familiar with resources and opportunities on campus, so that I can better help my mentee,” Waingeh said.

Wiangeh said he meets up with his mentee regularly to assess their development and growth and provide any advice as needed.

“Mentorship is not about solving problems for students,” Wiangeh said. “It’s more about being a resource for advice, orientation on academics, career and life issues.”

Vathana Chan, finance senior, has been in the Mentor Program for five years. He said the Mentoring Program helped lead him to knowing people, and it made him feel comfortable on campus.

“Now, my responsibility as a mentor is to help guide my mentees on campus and provide them assistance when they need it,” Chan said.

Radel Yeager, nursing freshman, is a mentee of Chan and said the Mentoring Program has been very beneficial.

“The Mentoring Program has helped me by providing me with a source of accountability and encouragement,” Yeager said.

Yeager also said the program matched his interest and area of studying perfectly to the interests and areas of expertise of his mentor.