Enrollment enacts advising changes

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Veneda Keithley, office services assistant for the Academic Success Center, assists a student for his advising appointment.

Enrollment for fall 2012 classes opened on March 5, bringing many new changes that will be taking place in regards to advising.

“We are bringing in nine new advisers to represent five brand new adviser positions,” Brittany Hubbard, director of Financial Aid, said.

Hubbard said this added amount was made so there would be fewer students per advisers.

“In the past, all new freshmen were sent to the Academic Success Center,” Hubbard said. “Now, the change here is that they will be sent to their schools but will still be pre-majors.”

Sarah Gierke, adviser and coordinator of retention for the Academic Success Center, said the biggest change is the advising is structured so students will be advised more on the schools.

“We are mainly trying to help students find the right major and help those who have already chosen a major have more contact with the faculty and advisers,” Gierke said.

Lesley Turner, counselor for Financial Aid, said the program should save students time and money.

“A lot of students waste a lot of time and money because they are advising themselves, going off bad advice from friends and not their advisers,” Turner said. “No one wants to see that happen, so this is one way we can help our continued students make the right decisions.”

Turner also said it is important to help incoming students find their direction sooner in the process in order to have them graduate.

“It is going to be a huge help to the students and help them stay on track,” Turner said.

Areeba Chaudhry, biology sophomore, said she thinks having this program is a great idea.

“It gives the students a prerogative to take advantage of their advisers and will help them graduate with a college degree, which is suitable for their career choice,” Chaudhry said.

Chaudhry also said it would be easier to gain appointments or walk-ins with more advisers available.

“In this case, I can easily just go up to an adviser and not worry about late appointments, and I could also sign up for classes a week before classes start,” Chaudhry said.