IUS hosts homecoming graffiti party

IUS Horizon

Students gather during a blackout and graffiti event on Feb. 9 in the Hoosier Room.

IU Southeast held a blackout and graffiti party for its annual homecoming event, hosted by the Multicultural Student Union, in the Hoosier Room on Feb. 9.

IUS students were able to attend for free while guests paid $5.

There was a variety of food, such as meatballs, chicken wings, stuffed mushrooms and more.

Glow items included necklaces, bracelets and sticks. There were also T-shirts and LED Flashing. Students arrived dressed in white for the black lights and assorted color highlight markers.

Kenneth Woods, biology senior and member of MSU, said he believed it was a successful party.

“The whole White Out theme was really interesting and unique,” Woods said. “I believe it is what made the party so successful.”

Woods said this was not the first time the MSU hosted a homecoming dance.

“It was a great opportunity to show school spirit and celebrate homecoming and to have the students come out and have a good time,” Woods said.

However, Woods said he had a couple of problems with the event.

“Everyone leaves early,” Woods said. “The D.J. has been paid for the whole time, so you might as well stay until the last second. Also, I think it would have been nice if more people came out, especially those who live in the lodges.”

Catherine Daugherty, informatics freshman, said she believed the MSU was a great host.

“The party was great, and the MSU knows how to plan a school-approved college party,” Daugherty said.

Daugherty said she also appreciated the free T-shirts and music.

“They actually played some good dance music,” Daugherty said. “I really had fun. The glow sticks put it over the top.”

Peyton Liggins, biology, also said the MSU did a great job.

“The atmosphere was electrifying,” Liggins said. “The neon colors were alluring and brought out the energy in the party. Plus, the party was well-advertised, and the turnout was great. I am looking forward to future events that they host.”

Apart from the glow sticks, free food and great music, Apryle Randall, psychology, said she found one specific person interesting at the party — the dancing cop.

“He was having so much fun and so was I,” Randall said. “This just shows that everyone had a ball and nothing went wrong. The theme was great fun and energetic. I enjoyed the food, especially the meatballs. It was a great school event — we need more of those. MSU did their thing.”