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Haley Groves
Haley Groves

The “Give a Little, Get a Lot” event was held Nov. 4 in the University Center. Volunteering was the topic of discussion. Informing students on how to get the most out of volunteer work and how to carry it out into their career.

Haley Groves, volunteer programs coordinator, facilitated this event. “Volunteering is a way to get students to the end goal” Groves said.

Groves said volunteering allows students to gain work experience, explorer different career options and skill building.

This event is part of a program called Legacy, a leadership certificate program. Student involved in Legacy are required to attend four different events over the year. Students then receive recognition at the Student Recognition Banquet and get qualifications that can be used on résumés.

Kathy Meyer, coordinator for new student and leadership programs, said consider internships as an opportunity as extended volunteering.

“Most internships are 10-15 hours a week and can be considered volunteering hours too,” Meyer said.

Groves and Meyer encourage all students to volunteer and there are a number of ways on as well as off campus to volunteer.

The Volunteer Incentive Program, VIP, student can register on Oncourse. This program is where all students submit hours of volunteering.

The Go for Gold program is for upper class students. This program has students complete 10 hours on campus and 10 hours off campus volunteering.

Students in the Gold program can fill out a co-curricular activities report. Meyer said even though IU Southeast does not have a co-curricular transcript, it is a way for student to track their involvement.

Virtual volunteering is another opportunity for students who have a very busy schedule. How many students spend hour surfing the Internet? This type of volunteering may be best suited for you. Vitual volunteering may consist of online mentoring, creating newsletters, and disability services. 

Alesha Huckleby, sociology sophomore, attended the Give a little Get a lot event to learn more about the volunteer program.

“I believe I will gain confidence on campus and learn what things are available with volunteering” Huckleby said.

Groves said students who volunteer and submit hours will be recognized not only at the Recognition Banquet but also at the Bell Awards.

The top seven students at IU Southeast get to attend the Bell awards held in Louisville. At this ceremony 10 people out of the community and two students are honored for their volunteer services.

The Volunteer Programs office located in Campus Life is available to all students and has much information on volunteer opportunity. There is also a workbook available to help students organize their volunteer services.

Meyer said one thing she wants students to get from volunteering is associated their experience with a key skill they are building.

“Often we ask students for feedback but we don’t ask them in what way did you associate certain skills” Meyer said.

Groves said one thing students should focus on is to review prospective career options. Student can work side by side with professions that are of interest and begin networking.

“Students should select volunteer assignments that place them in the setting they want to learn about” Groves said.

Students should know how to market themselves and focus on the skills they are good with and even point out the skills they want to improve. Meyer said her greatest advice to students is to really treat volunteering as a job.

“Students should put their best foot forward and be professional about their services” Meyer said.

Groves said students should understand the needs of their community and where they fit in.

“Students have a place in the community they are not just attending IU Southeast, student should articulate their civic engagements and responsibility through involvement and volunteering” Groves said.

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