IUS alumni inspires men’s tennis tournament

IUS Horizon

Though graduating from college may be on the top of most students list, many students have more on their agenda.

This was the case for Robert Briscoe, 2007 graduate of IU Southeast. Briscoe graduated spring semester of 2007, with a degree in secondary education for mathematics. Attending class on a regular basis was not Briscoe’s only concern; he was a dedicated player on the IUS men’s tennis team and held the title of player of the year.

These tennis accomplishments are what inspired Yancey Walters, head coach of IUS men’s tennis, to start the Bob Briscoe Alumni Men’s Tennis Tournament.

“It is exciting to know that you have something like that named after you,” Briscoe said. The Briscoe tennis tournament then began in 2007.

After leaving IU Southeast, Briscoe went to teach mathematics at Silver Creek High School in Sellersburg. At Briscoe’s first year at Silver Creek, he had the opportunity to co-head coach both boy’s and girl’s tennis teams.
Currently, Briscoe is in his second year teaching at Silver Creek, and has been promoted to head coach of the boy’s tennis team and co-head of the girl’s with Maggie Epkey.

The Briscoe Tournament was held at IU Southeast, Saturday, Sept.13, at 9:30 a.m. Though Briscoe was unable to attend this year, his ultimate goal for the tournament is growth.

“The tournament should go on for many years to come and hopefully get bigger and better, with more students graduating and new players coming in. It is something I look forward to playing in, and I am disappointed not to be there this year,” Briscoe said.

As for Briscoe’s coaching career at Silver Creek, he plans to carry out the tradition of excellence Silver Creek had over the years.

”The goal of our program every year is to compete for Regional and Semi-State titles, but it is also to build character in young athletes,” Briscoe said.

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