SGA buys new printer

IUS Horizon

The Student Government Association approved $300 for a new SGA office printer at their meeting on Nov. 6.

James Bonsall, SGA president, said the new printer will pay for itself.

“The printer we have in our office right now is three years old and completely on the fritz,” Bonsall said. “Cartridges for that thing run about $40 to $50 and we’re always having to replace them. We’re buying a printer that’s more efficient with ink.”

The SGA also introduced several new constitutional amendments designed to improve the document’s readability.

Bonsall said the changes will allow the constitution to flow more smoothly, and it will correct a few grammatical errors.

“The amendments basically change the order of how it’s read so it makes more sense when you read it,” Bonsall said.

The amendments also add the position of secretary to the constitution.

“When the constitution was originally written it made no mention of a secretary,” Bonsall said. “The amendment is just trying to make everything consistent. Personally I think it is unnecessary because the constitution is already too long. I think we should just make it an addition to the bylaws.”

Candice Bordeaux, SGA press secretary, said the body will vote on the amendments at next week’s meeting.

“Today, it was necessary to read the amendments aloud, but next week they will be an actual line item,” Bordeaux said.

If the SGA votes to pass the amendments, the student body must approve the changes at the SGA election in the spring.

As the end of the semester nears, Bonsall said the SGA has several issues they are working on.

“We’re continuing to press for a designated tobacco area on campus,” Bonsall said. “We’re working with the student governments from other IU campuses to pressure the administration to provide greater rights for smokers.”

Bonsall said the SGA is also pushing for the Registrar’s Office to add a waitlist option to OneStart for students registering for upcoming classes.

“IUS is the only IU campus not to have a waitlist option,” Bonsall said. “When I met with the registrar over the summer, she said a waitlist would change the culture on campus by making professors less flexible in admitting students to their classes. Of course, [SGA Vice President Amanda Denbo] and I disagree.”

In other business, the SGA approved to reimburse the Spanish Club $50 for refreshments to be provided at their meeting on Nov. 13.

Also, Spencer Castille, accounting and finance junior, became a regular senator after two weeks on probationary status.

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