SGA discusses smoke-out

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Student Government Association President James Bonsall said he praised the students involved in Thursday’s smoke-out, but said the SGA could not approve of any campus policy violations.

“I was glad to see students using their constitutional right of free speech at the smoke-out,” Bonsall said. “Anytime something like that happens, it strengthens the community and lets diverse opinions be heard, but I can’t necessarily condone their behavior because they were breaking university rules.”

Senate Chair Jonathan Moody said he agreed.

“I was happy to see that no SGA members took part in today’s smoke-out,” Moody said in his officer report to the senate body. “We do support smokers’ rights, but what happened today we cannot support as it violates university policy.”

SGA Senator Johann Pedolzky said the university smoking policy is too vague.

“So what happens when somebody is walking around campus smoking tobacco-free herbal or clove cigarettes? Is that a violation of the policy?” Pedolzky said. “What we need to do is learn more and create a resolution that closes the loopholes.”

In other business, the SGA approved $100 to provide refreshments for Bonsall’s Nov. 5 State of the Student Body address.

“It’s for cookies and punch, we just wanted to provide something for the students,” Bonsall said.

Bonsall said his address will cover a multitude of topics, from the smoking policy to improvement in campus dining.

“Smoking will definitely be a big part of the address,” Bonsall said. “I’ll also talk about the great improvement we’ve seen with the dining services, especially in terms of pricing.”

Bonsall also said he plans to talk about the decrease in student conduct violations.

“Student misconduct is down significantly from last year, somewhere in the ballpark of 50 percent,” Bonsall said. “I think this year students knew what to expect moving into the lodges, and it’s also a credit to the work of the [community advisers].”

The SGA also approved $150 to cater their annual retreat.

“This might look like a lot of money, but we’re actually saving money by eating on campus this year,” Bonsall said. “Normally we’d go off campus to somewhere like Huber’s, and it would cost a lot more than the $150 we’ve approved this time.”

The SGA was hit further with personnel moves this week. Press Secretary Ian Girdley, English and journalism sophomore, resigned from his post and from the senate. Senator Candice Boudreaux assumed his position via acclimation.

Also Chaz Briscoe, political science junior, became a regular senator after two weeks on probationary

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