The Horizon

Taking a Day for Mental Health

Sarah Barger, IU Southeast communication alumna said, “Mental health days are important because they give you a day to rest your brain and clean your slate, so you can bounce back better and be more refreshed when you get back to school.”

Randi McDole, Staff Reporter

April 14, 2017

  Students are often faced with strict attendance policies and high amounts of stress. Some students may choose to take the occasional mental health day. According to Merriam-Webster, a mental health day is when employees, or in this case students, take time off in order to relieve stres...

Commuting Versus Living on Campus

Student Parking zone signs are visible in all parking lots on the IU Southeast campus, designating where students are allowed to park.

Randi McDole, Staff Reporter

February 18, 2017

College is a time when students often make many life decisions that can have a lasting impact on who they are and how they want their life to be. When making the transition to college, students at IU Southeast have the option of either living on campus or commuting. With a limited amount of on-camp...