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Melissa Spaide, Contributing writer

August 27, 2014

Online classes are beginning to gain momentum at IUS. More online class options are being added each semester to keep with the rising demand, Mary Beth Nanz, assistant registrar, said. There can be many reasons why a student chooses to take an online class However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Advantages Online classes offer mo...

Traditional Online or Hybrid | That is the question

IUS Horizon

April 7, 2013

Whether it is to complete a degree, start a degree or obtain a job promotion; students are seeking any and all paths to earn a college degree, and online classes are becoming a popular venue to do so. “One-third of all students in higher education are taking at least one online course,” and sixty-five...

IUS improves despite enrollment drop

IUS Horizon

September 23, 2012

IU Southeast enrollment is down 4.9 percent from last year; however, there are misconceptions about the reasoning for this decrease. IU Southeast should not be blamed or punished for the factors which have led to the low student retention. For the past three years, IU Southeast’s enrollment ha...

Enrollment falls back for semester

IUS Horizon

September 16, 2012

IU Southeast enrollment dropped by 5 percent for the fall 2012 semester and has the smallest population out of the eight regional Indiana University campuses. Christopher Crews, associate director of Admissions, said IU Southeast expected a drop due to the demographics. “We expected and knew t...