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The Grenadier discount

The Grenadier discount

Kayla Smith and Aprile Rickert

May 14, 2015

No matter how ugly the picture on a student’s UCard may be, IUS students have many perks and benefits that come with their UCard. From money-saving to an all-around ticket to events, Students can take advantage of some of these benefits on and off campus to help make their lives a tad bit easier. On Campus ...

Student dances through school

IUS Horizon

November 6, 2011

Some girls dream of being a ballerina, wearing a pretty tutu and tip-toeing around on a stage with a tiara on their heads and a smile on their faces. Jennifer Schonschack, journalism and Spanish senior, has been working on this childhood dream for 19 years. When Schonschack was 7 years old, she said she had a friend who was taking danc...