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New laser projectors save IUS students and faculty time and money

Danny Clements holds an assisted hearing device, which is one of the updated classroom technologies that has been implemented in the past few years thanks to the classroom budget.

Sydney Randall, News Editor

January 11, 2020

While IUS students were relaxing over winter break, the IT department installed new laser projectors in multiple classrooms around campus.  The Sony VPL-PHZ10 laser projectors will help IU Southeast save money and time compared to the older Panasonic bulb projectors that had been in use before the...

Unrelated Twins

Unrelated Twins

Chandler Cooper, Staff Reporter

October 30, 2017

They say everybody has a double. It’s a known myth that we all have a doppelganger somewhere out there - or at least someone who resembles us in some peculiar fashion - but we never really expect to see that person within the same city, let alone the same campus. A normal day for Matt McClellan,...

Students collaborate work with new hub

IUS Horizon

October 21, 2012

The IT Department added two new collaboration hub tables on the second floor lounge of Hillside Hall. Finished just a week before fall classes began, this technology allows students to share individual work from their laptops on a big screen TV. “This is brand new for this campus,” Tom Saw...

IT Department brings new wave of communication

IUS Horizon

March 11, 2012

The IT Department at IU Southeast is bringing in a new phone system for faculty and staff called UniCom. Indiana University’s term for UniCom is United Communication Service, which uses Microsoft Lync to emerge voice and data together.  It is a unified desktop communication system that provides...

Update improves communications

IUS Horizon

October 30, 2011

The Unified Communications software was recently updated on faculty and staff computers. The system has been renamed Microsoft Lync, but the power to connect remains the same. Tom Sawyer, chief information officer, said the services offered are invaluable. Sawyer travels to the various IU regional ...

UITS sale continues for used computers

IUS Horizon

October 2, 2011

The University Information Technology Services at IU Southeast are currently selling the remaining stock of used computers at the IUS Bookstore. The ongoing sale began July 6, and, as of Sept. 26, the bookstore has about 127 remaining computers for $129 per unit. Tom Sawyer, chief information o...

IT Department merges with UITS

IUS Horizon

March 18, 2011

Much like the recent centralization of the IUS Police and Purchasing Department, the IU Southeast IT Department merged with the system-wide University Information Technology Services. With the merger, IU Southeast’s branch can now access more resources from other IU campuses. The merger will not have a ...