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New York Comic Con 2017

John Renfrow, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2017

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Horizon Staff Reporter John Renfrow was at this year's New York Comic Con. Check out his coverage in the presentation below. You can expand the presentation by clicking the arrows icon on the bottom right. ...

Two Dead, One Injured After Portland Train Stabbing

Sarah Magin, Assistant Editor

June 1, 2017

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Three men defended two young women on a train in Portland, Oregon, from a violent man with a knife last Friday, May 26. The attacker, Jeremy Christian, was reported to have been using hate speech against Destinee Magnum and her friend for appearing middle eastern and for wearing a hijab. "I hope th...

Studying Abroad Through IU Southeast

Studying Abroad Through IU Southeast

Tony Pacheco and Jewell Conner

December 4, 2016

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Touring the streets of Paris. Climbing to the top of Notre Dame. Riding a camel in the desert. Swimming in the Dead Sea. IU Southeast offers study abroad programs that allow students to study around the world. Omar Attum, associate professor of biology, Valerie Scott, senior lecturer in psychology and...

Trump makes campaign trail stop in Louisville on Super Tuesday

Trump makes campaign trail stop in Louisville on Super Tuesday

Paige Thompson and Kristin Kennedy

March 2, 2016

Filed under Kentuckiana, Nation/World, News, Photos, Top Stories

Thousands of supporters and protesters gathered to hear presidential candidate Donald Trump speak in Louisville on Tuesday, March 1, just days before the Kentucky Republican caucuses. Supporters and protesters began filling the streets surrounding the Kentucky International Convention Center in the...

Only six white rhinos left in the world

Only six white rhinos left in the world

Haley Warwick, Staff

December 3, 2014

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With six Northern White Rhinoceros left in the world, Steven Taylor, assistant director of conversation, education, and collection at the Louisville Zoo said the subspecies is functionally extinct. Taylor said all rhinoceros have been hunted for their horns, which are used for medical purposes mainly...

Islam is Our Enemy: and other Muslim misconceptions

Islam is Our Enemy:  and other Muslim misconceptions

Josh Medlock, Staff

October 3, 2014

Filed under Nation/World, News, Top Stories

Fawaz Almutairi, political science senior who moved from Kuwait in 2008, was leaving a Louisville sports bar after a night out with friends when a man shouted at him from across the road, "Fuck off, you Muslim!" This wasn’t the first time Almutairi, a former Muslim, had been judged for his Middle Eastern...

A new Cold War?

A new Cold War?

Elijah Lossner

March 15, 2014

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Tensions mount in the Ukraine as Russian forces have effectively taken over the region of Crimea. Russian troops and pro-Russian militias have taken over Ukrainian military bases, airports, roads, and even television stations. The takeover is a result of the ousting of former President Viktor Yanukovich,...

Q&A: understanding the conflict in Syria

Amira Asad

September 19, 2013

Filed under Nation/World, News

Syria has been on the tip of every American and U.S. politician’s tongue since Syrian President Assad’s government is said to have used chemical weapons in attacks on neighborhoods in the outskirts of Damascus last month. Obama called for limited strikes on Syria earlier this month to discourage...

Psychology professor interviewed on CBS

Bryan Jones

August 22, 2013

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Bernardo Carducci, psychology professor and director of the Shyness Research Institute, was on "CBS This Morning" Tuesday, Aug. 20 to discuss the right and wrong ways to talk with people. "You don't have to be brilliant," Carducci said during the interview. "You just have to be nice." If you w...

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