Boys just want to have fun, too

IUS Horizon

Too often I hear people say something along the lines of “in order to be happy, I must be in a relationship.”

That is far from the truth.

Sure, having someone you can call and go home to and cuddle with is an amazing thing; however, people do not need a relationship to have a happy, meaningful life.

For most of my life, I have been without a meaningful relationship. I spent time partying, having fun, working on myself and being happy with my friends.

Instead of constantly trying to be in a relationship, people should just have fun.

Go out to the club and dance the night away, go on a date your friends set up for you, drink too much — but responsibly — have an adventure with friends, play stupid board games with friends or whatever for fun.

I used to be introverted and refused to go out and do things I had never done before.

I am not sure what changed. Maybe part of it is because during the summer I did a lot of self-searching and realized I did not want to pretend to be something I am not anymore.

Maybe it is just because I realized that I am young and I only have this life — that I know of — so I am going to live it to the fullest that I can.

Since then, I have gone to The Connection night club multiple times and seen and done things that I probably would not have before.

I use to hate dancing because I felt like people were judging me when they saw me doing my thing, but, when it comes down to it, I am having fun when I dance, even if I am the worst dancer on the floor.

Now, I do not worry about what they think about me. As long as I am having fun, then it is an awesome night.

I do not worry about the small things because they are not worth my time. If it is something that is going to blow up in my face, then I deal with it.

I guess the way I live is kind of hazardous because when something does blow up on me I tend to take it super badly. However, you only die once, so live it up.

Lady Gaga’s song “Boys Boys Boys” sums it up in the sense that throughout the song she is basically talking about how she is primarily doing herself and not worrying about finding Mr. Right — she just wants Mr. Right Now in that sense — and there is nothing wrong with that.

Everyone needs to play the field some and get to know what they want.

I am not advising drug abuse, underage drinking and certainly not unprotected sex, but, in order to have a decent understanding of what a person wants, some mistakes have to be made.

Ultimately, having fun is the best thing that a person can do. It helps ease stress and allows people to let go.

If a person can have fun and stop worrying about trying to find a potential partner, then, eventually, they will find a good one.

Having fun is way more attractive — to me at least — than anyone with a six-pack or the perfect body.

However, fun can be defined differently for everyone.

My boyfriend and I sit around and do nothing, maybe go out and get some beers, or we will just stay at his apartment and watch “The Glee Project,” or a movie.

Just because something seems boring to most people, the conversations between us have make everything fun and worthwhile.

The ability to have fun and laugh at yourself is important in finding who you want to settle down with, ultimately.

If someone has never lived, then how can that person know what they want in life?

Stop worrying about what everyone thinks and about finding “the one.” Go out and have fun, be yourself, and eventually “the one” will find you.

I have done a lot of stupid things in my life, but I can honestly say that I have not let that many moments slip away from me.

A moment is gone faster than any person. Whether they are going to be there tomorrow or for one night, the moment you let slip by is gone forever.


Profiles Editor