IUS Police officer appointed to higher position

IUS Horizon

Keith Folkner, former IUS Police officer, was sworn in as sergeant on Nov. 9.

Folkner is on duty during the night shift.

“When we went through the process, the hiring committee had no doubt he was the right person,” Charlie Edelen, IUS Police chief, said. “He made it pretty easy on us to choose him.”

As sergeant, Folkner supervises officers during the third shift that begins at 11 p.m. He also handles administrative work, is involved in departmental training and fills in as an officer, when needed.

“I’ve only been with IUS for one year,” Folkner said, “but I’ve come with 15 years experience.”

Previous to his position as officer at IU Southeast, Folkner worked as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan.

Folkner said his work involved training Afghan police in a police academy designed to match the academies in the U.S.

Folkner also worked as an officer at the Muncie Indiana Police Department for eight years.

Folkner said his new position as sergeant gives the night shift officers more accountability because it enables them to handle situations within their own shift. He said this allows them to deal with the public without having to go directly to the police chief.

Edelen said, with Folkner, there are now four total officers on duty during the night shift.

Edelen said this can only add to IU Southeast campus safety.