Traveling student explores hobbies in US

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Eder Ricardo Dupret-Leacock, history sophomore

Eder Ricardo Dupret-Leacock, history sophomore, has lived on three continents and in five countries.

Dupret-Leacock was born in Angola, West Africa, where he lived with his family for five years.

His family moved a lot because his father worked for the diplomatic core and his mother is part of a teacher’s exchange program.

They lived in Tanzania for six years and, then, moved to Guyana — a small country in South America — where he lived for much of his life.

“I felt most at home in Guyana,” Dupret-Leacock said. “I lived there for most of the formation years of my life and have a lot of friends and attachments there.”

His first language was Portuguese because Angola was a Portuguese colony. He learned English at a diplomatic school while living in Tanzania, and his father spoke English because he is originally from Guyana. He also speaks Spanish and is currently studying French at IU Southeast.

Dupret-Leacock was surprised by the lifestyle of Americans when he first moved here.

“American culture is completely different than what I was used to,” Dupret-Leacock said. “People here are so busy, and everyone seems rushed, while, in South America, everyone is more laid back.”

Dupret-Leacock has a passion for music and lived in Brazil performing with his band, Struckroot, for two years. He was the lead singer of the group and they played shows at local venues and different Battle of the Bands events.

“As of right now, music is more of my hobby,” Dupret-Leacock said, “although I hope that one day it can be a profession.”

Upon leaving Brazil, Dupret-Leacock attended a Christian college for a year before moving to Louisville to be with his family.

Dupret-Leacock said he wants to study corporate law and be a part of the music industry.

“I want to be involved in music in some way,” Dupret-Leacock said. “If I can’t be a professional musician, I can maybe end up being a producer, contract lawyer, manager or really anything in the musical world.”

Since leaving the alternative rock band in Brazil, Dupret-Leacock has turned more to singing gospel music. He is very involved in his church and sings in the choir at his church in Louisville, as well.

“I hope at some point I can pick up my music dream again,” Dupret-Leacock said.

Music is not his only hobby. He also plays with an indoor soccer team in Louisville and volunteers as much as he can in soup kitchens in downtown Louisville.

Being an international student who can only work on campus, he works for Conference and Catering at IU Southeast.

A co-worker and friend of his, Devon Holbrook, business management senior, said Dupret-Leacock has many stories to tell.

“Ricardo makes time fly by at work because he tells so many stories about living and working in Brazil,” Holbrook said. “He is always giving advice and telling me about his experiences.”

Other than traveling from country to country to new homes, he hasn’t traveled much in the United States.

He has been to Chicago with his uncle to help with some work but said he did not get to see much.

“I would like to travel more,” Dupret-Leacock said, “but right now I’m taking life one step at a time.”