SGA moves bill to emergency status

IUS Horizon

The Student Government Association started their meeting on Sept. 15 by deciding on a new secretary.

Dulguun Otgonsuren, undecided sophomore, was nominated for the position and voted in as the SGA secretary.

“I looked over the description, and it’s something I could do,” Otgonsuren said. “I just wanted to step up.”

Candice Boudreaux, business senior and former secretary for the SGA, held the position for a few months but had to give it up.

“I have too much going on right now to handle a position,” Boudreaux said.

The attire resolution requiring all members to wear a minimum standard uniform was discussed.

This would involve collared shirts and dark, un-ripped jeans for men and a dress blouse for women.

However Jen Crompton, assistant director for Residence Life and adviser for the SGA, said the senators should revise it to make it friendlier.

“You may be excluding certain transgender, gay, lesbian or bisexual students who don’t fit the gender transgression,” Crompton said.
Josh Sesar, math senior and SGA senator, said he was worried about the affordability.

“I understand looking professional,” Sesar said. “However, we’re a student government, and what if a senator can’t afford it?”

The SGA took a vote, but it failed unanimously.

Another proposal involved a bill that would set aside $250 for a hotel, rental car and gas for three members of the SGA — Josh Kornberg, communications junior and SGA president, Matt Owen, political science junior and SGA senate chair, and Stephen Prather, radiology junior and SGA senate pro-tempore — to attend the Indiana Campus Compact Fall Regional Networking Council Meeting on Sept. 30.

The conference is a workshop for student government organizations.

“It will help us learn how to be a better organization,” Prather said.

Owen said they have funds set aside to cover the cost if anyone else was interested.

“In order to get everything set up we need a decision on this tonight,” Owen said.

The senators voted to move the decision to emergency status, and the motion and bill passed.

Kornberg also talked about helping students get involved on campus to improve student retention.

“I’d like for all of you to help out the First Year Seminar students who come to get their stamp,” Kornberg said.

Owen also talked about what he would like to push to the senate this year.

“The one thing I am going to drive to our senate is involvement,” he said. “Help students get involved on campus, find out what organizations their interested in and give them people to contact about that organization.”