New coaches come with experience

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The search for a new IUS dance team coach ended in June with two new coaches, Alicia Corcoran-Scott and Elizabeth Wooden.

The search for a new IU Southeast dance team coach started in March and ended in June when Elizabeth Wooden and Alicia Corcoran-Scott were hired to lead the team.

Between Wooden and Corcoran-Scott, the pair will bring more than 20 years of experience in dance, teaching, choreography and performing.

Corcoran-Scott has been the owner of Simmon’s Performing Arts Studio for the past seven years. The Simmon’s family business was started in 1951 by her grandfather.

Wooden said she feels her college and five years experience at Simmon’s business provided ample preparation for coaching the IU Southeast dance team.

“The girls are dependable, very responsible young women who make our job very easy,” Wooden said.

Wooden and Corcoran-Scott said they feel strongly about the value of dance as an artistic and athletic endeavor to enhance the team member’s self-worth and provide camaraderie.

“We plan to spread school spirit and unity by working together and using our talents to enhance each team’s abilities,” Corcoran-Scott said.

Due to their long-time association with each other, Wooden and Corcoran-Scott said since they know each other well, it should lend a healthy balance to the team.

“We lead by example and set early expectations,” Wooden said.         Currently, there are only four members on the team, but by November the roster should be larger. The next tryout will be Sept. 18 at 2 p.m.

“Getting the word out over the summer was an obstacle,” Corcoran-Scott said, “but now that school is in session and people figure out what their schedules are going to take, it should be easier to spread the word about the team.”

Cameo Bennett, elementary education freshmen, said she is excited to be on the team and dancing at the college level.

“I’ve been dancing since I was three, and when I found out [IU Southeast] had a dance team, it helped me decide to come here,” Bennett said.