Police Blotter 10-20-08

IUS Horizon

• Police arrested Jacob Korff, SGA vice-president, on Oct. 10 for operating while intoxicated at the corner of Grant Line Road and Klerner Lane.
• A woman reported vandalism to her car on Oct. 15. She said someone intentionally put caramel under her door handle.
• A custodian reported on Oct. 15 that sanitary napkin machines in University Center and Physical Sciences were broken into.
• Someone reported theft of their laptop from Hillside Hall on Oct. 15.
• A man reported prescription drugs stolen from his personal bag in Crestview on Oct. 15.
• A woman reported on Oct 16 receiving harassing phone calls. The caller was identified and spoken to by an officer.
• Police cited students Jordan Messex, Matthew Herm, Bryan Chappell, non-student Michael Wade of Louisville, and a juvenile for illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor.