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Clarksville’s Theater X disgusts me

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I have lived in Clarksville for almost my whole life. When I was little, my mom and I would drive past it occasionally, but it wasn’t until I became a teenager I fully understood what it really was.

I’m talking about Theater X — a place where prostitution has allegedly taken place.

I remember when I was a teenager, the controversy began to grow hot among Theater X, the Clarksville Town Council and a non-profit organization, ROCK, designed to “Reclaim Our Culture, Kentuckiana.”

According to its website, ROCK “exists to defend and sustain the founding principles upon which our country was built.” For years, ROCK has tried to get the store closed because of the pornographic materials that are sold and the activities that occur inside.

It has been reported Theater X’s movie theater shows pornographic movies while viewers engage in alleged sexual activities. Also reported are private booths people pay to enter. These booths show movies and have a hole known as a “glory hole” where alleged anonymous sexual activity occurs. This is all according to affidavits from an undercover police officer on ROCK’s website.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in the store part, but it’s just nasty to sit in a theater where other people can watch you engage in sexual activities.

My skin is crawling just thinking about it, and to go into a booth and get “serviced” by a stranger is just asking for “the clap” or gonorrhea.

Besides the disgusting factor, what’s the big controversy? Up until 2009, the Clarksville Town Council didn’t enforce the ordinance written by ROCK that was on the books in 2005.

At an April 21, 2009, Clarksville Town Council meeting, ROCK representatives spoke and offered help to enforce the ordinance, citing several violations the adult superstore is accused of.

Some of these violations include unsanitary conditions. The undercover police officer in his affidavits reported bodily fluids on walls, chairs and floors of the establishment.

Other violations included zoning violations, prostitution and drug use on the property. It wasn’t until an undercover story by WAVE 3 in 2009 that Theater X was cited for its violations, but the store sued the city and won. A judge ruled the ordinance was improperly passed by the council, and, therefore, not a current ordinance for the city. The city has appealed the ruling. ROCK’s main premise is Theater X is favored by the Clarksville Town Council.

ROCK  believe the activities reported going on inside the establishment will spill over into the community. ROCK is also concerned about the current Louisville ordinance  which limits nudity in strip clubs. They are worried the new Louisville ordinance will bring more businesses over the bridge.

According to a WAVE 3 report, Paul Kraft, vice president of the Clarksville Town Council said, “We always want to protect the people, and that’s what we intend to do.”

If Kraft and the town council really want to protect the citizens, why haven’t they devised a new ordinance? How long will it be until the town council realizes this establishment is promoting illegal activities and poses a threat to the town?

I also think Theater X should only sell books, movies and adult toys. Yes, it is someone’s right to purchase pornographic materials for themselves, but people shouldn’t have the right to go into a place and engage in sexual activities.

If the store sells only merchandise it must be regulated, and the Clarksville Town Council has a bad track record of doing this.


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  • Dora Stephens

    There is an easy solution for you. Just don’t go there. Why sit around imagining things that disgust you? Why sit around imagining activities that may take place inside? I have never been inside Theatair X, and probably never will. You know I don’t even sit around and imagine what maybe inside. And you know, Theatair X has not impacted my life one bit. I actually only hear about the “evils” of Theatair X when they are brought up by people who have too much time on their hands. What publicity for Theatair X! I think they have actually made some people curious about going instead of converting them into Christian soldiers.

    To people who want to visit Theatair X, I wish them well no matter what the reason they want to enter. If they didn’t like being there you know what they could do? Like you and I do everyday, they can just not go and not think about it. I never understand why people sit around and obsess about how others should live. You cannot legislate taste!


    mike Reply:

    Dora is right


  • glonass

    “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.”
    Ezekiel 16:49


  • Dianna Baj

    Posted by Massachusetts house surveillance, 26.03.2010 06:44:32 The weblog became absolutely great! Tons of great files and inspiration, each of which we all need!


  • larry figg

    ROCK believe the activities reported going on inside the establishment will spill over into the community. I love when you people contradict yourselves. You claim in your story you have known about this place since you were a little girl, yet here in 2012 this organization is worried about what might happen. I am gonna say thats at least 20 some years..Has anything happened? I bet if you took a blacklight into some of the dorm rooms on your campus you would find alot of “bodily fluids on walls, chairs and floors”…. Another statement was “According to its website, ROCK “exists to defend and sustain the founding principles upon which our country was built.” Really. this country was built on certain groups of people being able to tell other groups of people what they can and cant do…I would argue it is quite the opposite young lady..look it up.. How would you like it if there were a group of people who were opposed to overweight people and think they should be jailed…we both would be in trouble!!!!


  • I was going to to make a longer post, but Dora Stephens said all I intended to.


  • HoosierDaddy

    This business has operated in this same location for probably twice as long as you have existed. And just what statistics indicate they have caused any harm to the community. Rock and all the other busy body organizations do more advertising for these businesses they try to close than the operators could ever afford. A better use of their energy would be to try and get people to live healthier lifestyles and keep from being such unhealthy, obese blobs.


  • James Jeffries

    As much as people would like too,legislating morality is unconstitutional.So I will just leave you with this: You can’t legislate morality and the only marriage that should be illegal is that of church and state….Oh,and if you don’t like what is going on there(or what you think is going on there) stay out,I’m sure no one will miss you…thank you.


  • I think it’s nasty so it should be illegal for other people….great argument child, you’re foremothers who fought so hard for your right to have that little opinion would be so proud…


  • Walter

    “People shouldn’t have the right to go into a place and engage in sexual activities.”

    So you want to control when and where two people have consensual sex? Totalitarian much?


  • bksheep

    She wouldn’t have to worry if she did go in there. Nobody would want to look at her anyway. Gross. Another typical liberal wanting to control how other people live. You don’t like a business, don’t go to it. A true believer in freedom lets other choose what is right for them regardless if they agree with it or not. I don’t go to such places but, that is my choice. Others make different choices. As long as there isn’t truly a “victim” an activity shouldn’t be illegal. People getting laws to push their views eventually takes away other freedoms.


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Clarksville’s Theater X disgusts me