Guest Column: We need a Fall Break now


Mark Jallayu, Student Body President

Last semester, I sent an email to all students about a survey on a Fall Break at IU Southeast. The results came back with 759 students saying “yes” to a Fall Break and 55 students saying no.

Based on the results, I referred the Fall Break proposal to the Faculty-Senate President, who then referred the proposal to the Academic Policy Committee Chair.

Today, I can proudly tell you that each school is reviewing the Fall Break proposal. Even though a Fall Break has been denied over the years, this year seems to be a little different.

This Fall Break proposal has actually created discourse among the faculties that a survey has been sent to them asking whether they, too, support a Fall Break.

I am confident that if the Faculty Fall break survey and the student Fall break survey align, it will be on the Faculty-Senate agenda for a vote.

The question is: Will the Faculty-Senate members vote in favor of it or ignore our faculties and the student body?

I want to see us approve of a Fall break so that we can put this matter to rest, once and for all, given that our students deserve it and is in the best interest of our school.

However, I alone cannot make the Faculty-Senate approve of it, neither can the Student Government Association. That is why I am calling on every student who is reading this to contact the following to ask them to approve of a Fall Beak:

A Fall Break at IU Southeast has been voted down for years. I believe that working together we can make Fall Break an IUS reality.