SGA unveils four objectives for school year

Secoy Richey, Staff

Student Government Association president Stephon Moore, held the annual State of the Student Body Address Thurs., Oct. 9th, in the Hoosier Room. With crowd support from Campus Life and several students, Moore pointed out four main objectives he and the SGA wants to achieve this school year.

1. To develop a relationship with the new chancellor.

2. To provide more resources for student organizations to thrive. SGA will help any way that they can.

3. Develop a connection with the community more. There is so much happening down the road in New Albany that students can enjoy. SGA is working with the city, as well as, other local officials and business’ to develop a connection and give students more to do.

4. Last year SGA started their first inaugural “Gus Talks” and this year they want to enhance and expand the involvement with college students and high school students.

SGA meeting details

“SGA is a liaison between the student body and the administration. SGA is dedicated to helping the students,” Moore said. “But we can’t do any of this alone, we will always need you guys to be behind us. Give us your ideas, problems, questions, concerns, because we’ve been there before and we want to be a voice for you and represent you.”

Moore said if you would like to be part of a positive impact on the campus, SGA would love to have you. Contact Stephon Moore at or stop in to any of the SGA offices to receive more information.